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Mattress Care

Temperature Responsive

The Plasmabed Mattress adjusts to body temperature, so when the mattress gets colder than 15 degrees, it becomes more solid. Once you lie on the Plasmabed, it will begin to mold and self adjust to every contour. Room temperature is optimal for your Plasmabed mattress. During the winter months, please give your mattress time to warm up before using. Do not place your Plasmabed in extreme heat/sunlight or extreme cold as this can affect the molding ability of your mattress.

Mattress Foundations

The Plasmabed Mattress can be placed on any firm platform or other solid level surface provided that it does not allow your mattress to sag.

Electric Blankets and Heating Pads

Because the Plasmabed is extremely temperature sensitive, it should not be used with electric blankets and heating pads. Contact with these items can affect the unique molding ability of your Plasmabed mattress.

Cover Care

The mattress cover has a zipper that goes completely around the perimeter, making it easy for removal and washing. Most home washers/dryers are not large enough to wash/dry the cover adequately; in this case we suggest using a commercial washer and dryer to accommodate the cover properly.

Washing Instructions

The following procedure should be followed when washing the cover:

  1. Holding the top of the zipper, unzip the top completely aroung the perimeter, leaving the bottom non-skid under the mattress.
  2. The top cover is the only thing to wash. Never wash the material or nonskid bottom.
  3. Use only the gentle cycle/cool water on the washing machine.
  4. Use only mild or gentle detergent.
  5. Set your dryer on lowest setting or allow your cover to air dry.

Adjusting to a New Plasmabed Mattress

When receiving any new product, there is a normal adjustment period to get familiar with its unique properties. Even though most people love their mattress after the first night, we suggest giving your body up to 14 days to adjust to the unique Plasmabed feel.

Improving Circulation

When pressure is reduced, one of the noticeable differences is an improvement in circulation. This may result in someone feeling slightly warmer. If you feel this effect, using fewer covers will allow for a calmer sleep.

Newness Scent

Some people notice a slight odor to their new mattress—this can come from our manufacturing process. This smell is normal and usually disappears before the product reaches you. Sometimes, however, this smell may still be noticeable. It usually disappears after a few weeks.

No Turning Necessary

Your Plasmabed mattress is completely unique. You never have to flip or turn your mattress like other beds. It is alright to spin the mattress if you decide to do so. The Plasmabed Mattress's amazing pressure relieving material is on the same side as the stretch fabric cover. Make sure you keep it right side up so you can enjoy the body molding properties.