Hearing from Our Valued Customers


We are delighted that our customers appreciate the exceptional value and benefits of Plasmabed mattresses.

Their testimonials serve as a constant reminder of our mission to provide the best possible sleep experience for every individual. The positive feedback we receive motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, striving to create mattresses that exceed our customers' expectations.

We feel extremely lucky to have found this bedding company!

We bought the Miracle Bed model of the plasmabed. The name suits the product. We had been searching for a state of the art bed, providing support but comfort at the same time, and were adamant that we wanted a natural product without the off gassing which is such a serious problem with most foam beds. The off gassing from the petroleum based beds not only smells awful, but according to studies, has been known to cause health issues with some people.

- Ginny Wilkie

We had the mattress in our home for about one week prior to going away on vacation. The very first night of sleep indicated major changes in sleep patterns and comfort that continued to prove themselves to a greater extent as nights passed. There was a tremendous feeling of being well supported, sleep was deeper and, best of all, there was not the rocky-boat feeling of tossing and turning that we had experienced on the former coil spring mattress. I awoke to start the new days better rested, more refreshed and energized, not to mention the greater feeling of proper posture.

- D. Jacobs

I am so happy I feel like shouting out loud so everyone can share my elation about the Plasmabed. It is almost indescribable what this amazing bed has done for me. I was in a serious car accident in the beginning of the year. Not to get to gory, I had sustained three broken bones as well compressed discs. The pain was excruciating. The medication helped but I knew there had to be something else. From the moment I purchased the Plasmabed, there was a smile on my face that just got bigger and bigger.

It has been almost a year now and I feel like a new person once again. A trillion thanks is not enough for what your bed has done for me.

- Shannon Sorenson

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After having used our Plasmabed for over 4 months now I have to tell you how pleased we are. I have been suffering for quite some time from systemic lupus and fibromyalgia. Also I have had a sore left shoulder for many years. I went to physio, massage and chiropractic treatment, but I still had the pain. I have noticed in the last month or so that all of a sudden I have hardly any shoulder pain anymore. I attribute it to the fantastic pillow, which seems to support your neck and shoulders just where you need it. Needless to say, I am more than happy about this. If you have anybody who has serious doubts about the bed and pillows, they can contact me.

- Gerhilde Shulken

I bought a luxury plasmabed last week because I have excessive pain in my lower back. I was a little skeptical at first because I have tried three beds prior to this one. In only a week, my back is starting to feel normal. It's hard to believe! I finally realize that you really have to shop around and do your homework. Don't get lead by the sales people. The Plasmabed moulds to your body type and supports your whole body and you actually wake up feeling rested. This was very unusual for me. I am back at the gym and feel so energized.

- T.R.

My husband and I have been searching for a new mattress for almost three years to no avail. When we found the Plasmabed we immediately knew it was the mattress for us. My husband suffers from a shoulder injury and I have recently had a hip replacement. From the moment we layed on the mattress the sense of moulding and pressure relief was incredible. We are truly blessed. For anyone that is searching for a new mattress that has all but given up hope, there is an amazing product that will make you believe again, the Plasmabed.

- Marc Redford